Who We Are

Vendemos Por Voce.

Is a Company located out of Orlando, FL that provides high quality, hand crafted products, made with love. 

We also have a kiosk "Smart Gifts" located In the Orlando Premium Outlet 8200 Vinland Ave.

We strive to create high quality product.

We personalize to make your imagination come to life for Holidays, Special Occasions, or Just Everyday Life.

Our Story.

My name is Sabrina In 2014 I began my journey in building a company that would support the local economy. I was determined to help as many families as I could on my journey. Starting up a few selling paths a such as eBay, Etsy and Amazon. I quickly realized the economy was moving towards buying and selling online. I began studying and became a coach for local companies and helped move their sales online. Later I realized I would need a team to grow the company to reach more then just my local area. 2014 I was able to hire my first employee (This amazing women is still with our company and now runs our New York office) in 2018 Ryan Joined the team as our CEO of Online sales, He runs our office in Washington. In 2019 Alex joined our team to help with our growing company, as the economy changed we had to quickly think of different ways to keep our company going. We decided to create a brand of creative graphic T-shirts, mask, tumblers and so much more. In March of 2021 we were able to open a physical location in a local mall. We are a ever growing company that will never cease to surprise you with our creativity and amazing customer service.

We are a team of Family, Friends, and Blessings!!!

But wait we don't just make the product, we help you grow your small business too!!!